nicole ponce

Nicole has been a member of the PETS team since 2012. She grew up in Montana, headed to New Jersey for 8 years, but came back to Bozeman 5 years ago. She has always had a love of animals, and grew up with a house full of pets. After high school she worked in a pet store, but left that job to work as a veterinary receptionist. Before long, they began to train her as a veterinary assistant and she has never looked back.  Nicole’s favorite part of working with animals is being an advocate for them, alleviating their pain, and helping to educate people on how to better care for them. Her favorite parts of working at PETS are the unpredictability of an emergency hospital, and the compassionate, professional, and dedicated colleagues that she works with.

In Nicole’s free time she can often be found reading a book, drinking tea, watching Kung-Fu movies, or cooking gourmet meals.Her household has three pets:  a Rat Terrier Trunks, a giant black cat named Puma, or her significant other’s Malamute Cinnamon. Her favorite quote is a perfect example of her personality: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend; Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”   Groucho Marx.