zach mills

Growing up in southern Michigan, Zach developed a passion for the outdoors and wildlife. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology, and has been fortunate to do work and research for many wildlife and conservation agencies in the United States and abroad. Along the way, Zach also developed an interest for emergency veterinary medicine. He has honed his skills in a diversity of veterinary settings, but enjoys the pace and novelty of emergency medicine. He has worked as a technician at PETS for 3 years.

Zach’s particular areas of expertise are low stress patient immobilizations, patient advocacy, surgical monitoring, and client education. When he is not looking for the world’s most alluring creatures, his hobbies involve something active and outdoors. He enjoys backpacking, biking climbing, running, kayaking, traveling, fishing, and finding little “secret spots” that he can pretend to discover and explore as if it were hundreds of years ago. He enjoys spending time with his wife Laura, their cat Fiona, and their dog Oliver.